The Best Embroidery Scissors for Tiny Details

The Best Embroidery Scissors for Tiny Details

Looking to upgrade your embroidery scissors?

Each of these styles is small yet mighty, with sharp blades perfect for cutting embroidery thread and tiny stitches. Treat yourself by adding a pair to your sewing toolkit today!

1. Heart-Shaped Scissors

Heart Shaped Embroidery Scissors

How adorable are these heart shaped handles? Plus, these beautiful embroidery scissors come in four fun colors - lilac, mint, orchid, and pink.

2. Fuchsia Little Gems Scissors

Fuchsia Little Gem Pink Embroidery Scissors

These adorable bright pink scissors are great for on-the-go stitching at under 2" tall. Plus, they'll free up extra space in your sewing box.

3. Vintage-Inspired Bird Scissors

Vintage Inspired Bird Scissors with a Tassel from Haley Hamilton Art

The style your grandmother might have used, but with a modern twist! These crane scissors come in a variety of colors, plus add on a delicate handmade tassel with your purchase.

4. Purple Putford Scissors

Purple Putford Embroidery Scissors

Image: Sulky

These purple embroidery scissors provide plenty of room for your fingers, but still have a small, sharp point perfect for embroidery. 

5. Simple Gold Scissors

Classic Gold Embroidery Scissors

If you prefer a simple, classic style, these are for you! With small detailing along the handles, these sharp scissors are super chic.

6. Curved Tip Squeezer Scissors

Curved Tip Squeezer Embroidery Scissors

Image: Sulky

If you're interested in streamlined, lightweight scissors, look no further! These feature a curved tip and can cut through thread with ease.

7. Blue Pudgie Scissors

Blue Pudgie Embroidery Scissors Kelmscott Designs and Sulky

Image: Sulky

These fun sewing scissors feature hefty handles and small, sharp blades for cutting embroidery threads.

8. Gingher Featherweight Thread Clip Scissors

Gingher Featherweight Embroidery Scissors

From Gingher's high-quality line of sewing scissors, these sharp, lightweight clippers come with their own safety cap with an attached string that can be worn around your neck while you stitch.

9. Gold Curved End Fine Point Scissors

Gold Curved Tip Embroidery Scissors
Image: Sulky

These classic, heirloom-quality fine point scissors have a curved end that's perfect for snipping embroidery thread.

10. Colorful Sewing Snips

Colorful Sewing Snips for Embroidery

Image: Sulky

An inexpensive scissor option, these thread clippers come in a pack of 12 with various color options to suit your mood. 

Which pair of embroidery scissors is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

* Thank you for reading about my favorite embroidery scissors. I participate in affiliate programs and may earn a share of revenue from your purchase.

The Best Embroidery Scissors for Tiny Details from Haley Hamilton Art

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