The Best Fabrics for Embroidery

The Best Fabrics for Hand Embroidery

When choosing the right fabric for your embroidery project, you'll quickly find there are many options and colors to pick from. To get you started, read on for three common types of embroidery fabrics and examples of each.

Feel free to experiment to determine which type works best for you! 

1. Plain-Weave Fabric

My personal favorite for hand embroidery, plain-weave fabrics are tightly woven with a smooth surface, which nicely supports free-form embroidery designs. I love using linen and linen blend fabric for embroidery. 

Try this: Check out a few of my favorite linen blends.

2. Even-Weave Fabric

Best for counted projects like cross stitch, even-weave fabrics have the same number of threads per inch. You can see little holes at regular intervals for you to stitch through. The lower the thread count, the larger those holes will look.

Try this: I used this Aida fabric for a cross stitch project. See the little holes? 

3. Patterned Fabrics

Patterned fabrics offer a fun and playful feel to any embroidery project. When choosing a patterned fabric, opt for woven fabrics, like the two weaves above.

As a best practice, choose a design that will complement your embroidery, allowing your embroidery work to be the star. A pattern too busy or too colorful can easily steal the show.

Try this: Here are a few patterns I love.

Interested in giving embroidery a try? 

Check out these beginner-friendly embroidery kits and start stitching today!

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The Best Fabrics for Embroidery
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