Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

I spoke with Dropbox about creative entrepreneurship and small business tips in their latest blog article

Click on the link above to check it out! Here are some of the highlights: 

Stay True to You

“I created my own rule: If I wouldn't buy something myself—if I don't absolutely just love it—I don't make it.” 

Know It's OK to Set Boundaries

“Saying no to this one request enables me to say yes to something that I'm really excited about."

Be Open to Constructive Feedback

“The first thing I have to think about is, ‘Is this constructive?’” For example, if someone asks her to add a different type of needle to her embroidery kits, that could improve her product. In contrast, something along the lines of “I can’t afford this” isn’t necessarily helpful.

What are your top creative business tips? Let me know in the comments below!

Tips for Creative Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


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