How to Thread a Needle for Embroidery Tutorial

How to Thread a Needle for Embroidery Tutorial

Hand embroidery needles are sharp and slender, making them perfect for stitching through fabrics with ease.

However, they're not always the easiest to thread, especially for beginners! 

Here's how to use a needle threader for your next embroidery project. 

The Best Low-Cost Needle Threader 

These Flower Needle Threaders are cute, cost-effective, and come in a pack of 20.

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Flower needle threaders for embroidery on Amazon

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The Best Multipurpose Needle Threader

This Hummingbird Needle Threader not only threads your needle, but also includes a handy blade to cut your embroidery floss too!

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hummingbird needle threader for embroidery

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The Best Needle Threader for Bulky Yarns

This DMC Needle Threader works for various types of threads and yarns with varying weights.

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DMC 3-in-1 needle threader in blue

Photo: DMC

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How to Thread a Needle for Hand Embroidery Tutorial

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