10 gorgeous ways to display embroidery ideas

10 Gorgeous Ways To Display Embroidery In Your Home

When it comes to embroidery display, the possibilities are endless! Here are 10 gorgeous ways to display embroidery in your home.

Display Idea #1: Add Color to a Simple Dresser

bee embroidery hoop displayed in a frame stand on a dresser next to a snake plant 

Displaying embroidery, like this Bee Kind hoop, in a mini frame stand is a cute way to add a pop of color to a plain dresser! And of course, plants always help too. 

Display Idea #2: Decorate Your Workspace

strawberry embroidery hoop displayed in a feminine home office

Beautify your desk or office space with a colorful strawberry embroidery hoop that will make your Monday mornings a little brighter. 

Display Idea #3: Liven Up Your Coffee Table

Apartment Sweet Apartment embroidery hoop displayed on a coffee table.

I love this Apartment Sweet Apartment embroidery hoop in my living room! I displayed it in a frame stand on a shiny silver tray with a couple other cute items to make it feel like home.

Display Idea #4: Add to a Gallery Wall

Pink rose embroidery hoop on a gallery wall of artwork and photos

Embroidery hoops come in a variety of shapes and sizes that make them easy to incorporate into a gallery wall alongside your favorite art pieces! This rose embroidery hoop makes a pretty addition. 

Display Idea #5: Personalize a Nursery

Custom sonogram embroidery hoop pregnancy announcement

Custom sonogram embroidery hoops make a trendy and personalized work of art to decorate a baby's nursery. They are also memorable gifts for an expecting family! 

Display Idea #6: Brighten Your Kitchen Wall 

Oval embroidery hoop displayed in kitchen

This embroidery hoop coordinates with the colors of my mother's kitchen and is something she enjoys seeing every day. The oval shape is her favorite!

Display Idea #7: Complement Your Indoor Garden 

Cactus embroidery hoop in indoor plant garden

Bringing the outdoors in is even better when you don't have to water it! This mini cactus hoop looks adorable displayed next to living plants. Plus, pink and green is always a lovely combination! 

Display Idea #8: Celebrate the Holidays 

Custom embroidered holiday ornaments

These custom embroidered ornaments make a fun addition to hang on a family Christmas tree and make a unique, personalized gift. 

Display Idea #9: Place on a Shelf

Sunflower embroidery hoop displayed on a shelf next to plant and candle.

Group an embroidery hoop on a shelf with other miscellaneous items, like a flourishing plant or your favorite candle.

Display Idea #10: Wear It 

Embroidered pink sweatshirt for spring

The fun thing about embroidery is it's also wearable! Check out this DIY Embroidered Sweatshirt Tutorial to add new life to your clothing.

Interested in Stitching Your Own Embroidery Art? 

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10 Ways to Display Embroidery in Your Home

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