Framing Embroidery in a Hoop Tutorial

Framing Embroidery in a Hoop Tutorial

Framing your finished embroidery in a hoop is a charming way to display your handmade artwork.

This video tutorial will show you my quick and easy 4-step method on how to frame embroidery in a hoop.


  1. Embroidery Hoop 

  2. Fabric Scissors

  3. Tacky Glue 

  4. Your Finished Embroidery Project

Step 1

Place your finished embroidery in a quality wooden hoop. Tighten the hardware at the top and pull around the edges of the fabric until the fabric is as tight as possible.

Step 2

Flip your hoop over & cut off excess fabric with your scissors until it's about a half-inch in length. 

Step 3

Glue along the edges of your fabric.

Step 4

Gently press down the edges of the fabric so it sticks against the inner hoop. Let dry.  

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How to Frame Embroidery in a Hoop Tutorial

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