5 Hand Embroidery Flowers for Beginners

5 Hand Embroidery Flowers for Beginners

Whether roses, sunflowers, or daisies, floral embroidery makes a happy and colorful work of art that brings the outdoors in. Here are five essential stitches that will take your hand embroidery flowers to the next level.

1. Woven Wheel Stitch 

While this stitch may look complicated, it's actually very simple to create! Use Woven Wheel Stitch to incorporate beautiful, 3D roses into your embroidery art.

Practice this stitch with a Rose embroidery pattern

2. Satin Stitch 

Satin Stitch is perfect for filling in flowers and leaves to create a smooth, realistic finish. Similar to coloring in a picture with a crayon, Satin Stitch achieves the same effect with embroidery floss. Pretty, huh?

Practice this stitch with Cactus embroidery pattern.

3. Lazy Daisy Stitch 

Lazy Daisy Stitch will help you create delicate daisy petals or leaves. It's faster than using Satin Stitch for flowers and will give your embroidery a whimsical look!

Practice this stitch with a Bee Kind embroidery pattern.

Bee Kind Embroidery Kit for Beginners from Haley Hamilton Art

4. French Knots 

Stitching French Knots is a great way to add small touches of detail to a floral embroidery piece. I love using French Knots to add tiny flowers, create textured flower centers, or stitch Queen Anne's Lace. 

Practice this stitch with a Strawberry embroidery pattern.

5. Back Stitch 

Back Stitch is of those fundamental embroidery stitches that can be incorporated in so many ways! I love using this stitch to create detailed outlines of flowers, stems, and greenery. 

Practice this stitch with a Let's Stay Home embroidery pattern.

Woven Wheel Stitch Floral Embroidery Tips and Tutorials

Ready to try these hand embroidery flowers for beginners?

Start stitching with a beginner DIY kit or digital pattern today! 

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