7 Embroidery Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed

7 Embroidery Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed

Interested in helpful stitching supplies to add to your embroidery toolkit?

I recently purchased new embroidery supplies and fabric that I know you'll love just as much as I do! See below to see what I bought and shop my favorites.

1. This Sewing Storage Solution


This Mini Stash 'n Store is a handy organizer that keeps all of your sewing essentials organized. I place it on my desk while stitching to keep my embroidery scissors and transfer pens handy. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes and fun colors, like this pretty mint shade.

2. Pastel Comfort Needle Pullers


My metal thimble wasn't cutting it anymore, so I purchased a pair of these helpful silicone needle pullers. Now I can much more easily push my embroidery needle through heavier fabrics, like denim, clothing, and leather. I love the modern pastel colors, and they're a great embroidery essential to keep in your toolkit.

3. DMC Light Effects Embroidery Floss


One of my favorite types of embroidery floss, DMC Light Effects will add a gorgeous metallic shimmer to your embroidery artwork. I love adding sparkle with this thread, and the colors it comes in are just gorgeous. 

4. Speckled Linen Fabrics


I just couldn't resist these adorable embroidery fabrics with a fun speckle design - so I bought two colors, Sky and Gelato! The subtle pattern is just simple enough to stitch on top of, without pulling attention away from your hand embroidery design. I can't wait to use these for a future embroidery project. 

5. White Evenweave Fabric


I was impressed with this Vintage Cloth 25-Count evenweave fabric I used for a summer cross stitch project. It's a great basic sewing fabric to keep on hand!

6. DMC Color Variations Embroidery Floss


Another one of my favorite kinds of embroidery floss, DMC Color Variations is a multicolored, 100% cotton six-strand embroidery floss that incorporates subtle color changes, depth, and interest into your embroidery art. I can't wait to use these pretty colors!

7. Pink Cotton Fabric


This pink cotton fabric with a simple star pattern is another fun embroidery find. I love embroidering fabrics like this with cute, simple patterns that don't take attention away from your embroidery design.

Interested in more embroidery supplies?

Check out The Essential Hand Embroidery Supplies for Beginners or shop these cheerful stitching accessories.

Which of these embroidery tools are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below!

*Thanks for reading about these embroidery supplies. I participate in affiliate programs and may earn a share of revenue from your purchase, but these are all tools I use and recommend!

7 embroidery supplies you didn't know you needed | Haley Hamilton Art

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