Colorful DMC six-strand embroidery floss

The Essential Hand Embroidery Supplies for Beginners

Are you interested in learning hand embroidery and looking for the right supplies? 

Here's a list of the essential beginner hand embroidery materials to add to your stitching toolkit today. 

1. An Embroidery Hoop 

Wooden embroidery hoop surrounded by six-strand embroidery floss

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Embroidery hoops keep your fabric tight and come in a variety of sizes and materials. I recommend starting with either a 4" or 6" hoop, depending on the size of your project. Plus, you can even use it as a frame once your stitching is complete! 

2. Embroidery Needles

Threading an embroidery needle

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There are needles created specifically for hand embroidery, with sharp points that help guide your thread through the fabric with ease. I recommend sizes 1-5 for beginners. Here's how to thread your needle for your next embroidery project.

3. Cotton or Linen Fabric 

Colorful cotton fabric in a basket

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I recommend lightweight cotton and linen fabrics so you can easily hand embroider through it. There are tons of designs and colors to choose from depending on your style!

4. Embroidery Floss

Colorful six-strand embroidery floss

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This is the thread you will use to stitch your project. There are a variety of types and colors to choose from, even metallics! 

5. Embroidery Scissors 

Heart shaped embroidery scissors

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You'll need a pair of scissors that are small, sharp, and perfect for tiny details. I love stitching with these fun heart-shaped scissors or vintage-inspired bird scissors for my embroidery projects. Cute AND useful! 

6. A Needle Minder 

gummy bear needle minder magnet holding an embroidery needle

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A needle minder is a magnetic stitching tool that holds your embroidery needle for you. Available in gummy bear, popsicle, heart, and daisy designs, needle minders are a helpful (and cute!) way to ensure you don't drop or lose your needle while stitching. Here's how to use one

7. A Transfer Pen

Transferring an embroidery pattern onto fabric with a water-soluble pen

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There are many transfer tools for embroidery patterns that will disappear once your stitching is complete! I recommend a water-soluble pen, like in the photo above. Simply rinse your fabric with water and watch the pen marks disappear! 

8. Fabric Scissors

Pinking Shears for cutting embroidery fabric

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You'll need a sharp pair of fabric scissors that can cut through fabrics with ease! I love using pinking shears for cutting embroidery fabric because they prevent fraying and cut in a cute zig zag pattern.

9. An Organizational System 

Organizing colorful embroidery thread in a box

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Now that you have the supplies, you'll need a helpful storage solution! Check out these smart ideas for organizing embroidery floss

10. A Beginner Pattern 

Beginner hand embroidery digital patterns

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Now that you have your supplies, you'll need a design to stitch! Check out these fun beginner embroidery patterns that include hand embroidery basics, step-by-step photos, and video tutorials.

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The Best Embroidery Supplies for Beginners

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